The Tipping Point -- Short Review

I enjoyed the entertaining, if not exactly revolutionary, Blink and went looking for anything else by the same author. The Tipping Point is very similar in style and outcome to Blink; it delves in to an interesting subject in an entertaining way but leaves you feeling a little empty.

The book itself is well written and has a pretty wide appeal, the subjects examined and ideas presented cover such a wide range of examples that there is something in it for almost everyone. The basic premise is that there is a “Tipping Point” where interesting things happen, whether it’s moving a product from niche to mainstream using intelligent marketing, treating HIV infection or the prevention of crime in New York certain aspects and people can convert a flash of something in to an epidemic.

The author explains how he sees this happening and shows a number of examples that help reinforce his ideas. While there are a couple of “Yeah, and?” moments there are also some “So that’s how it…” which makes it a decent enough read for the price of the paperback. What made it an interesting read for me is that with a greater understanding of some of the principles presented some of the online projects and communities I’m involved in should be able to kick start some more growth, and anything that helps us do that is worth some investigation. Summary: 6/10.