Reading List - 2005/09/17

I always seem to have a huge pile of books to read and an inability to actually read them in any order. This months pile includes:

Behind Closed Doors.
I’m a big fan of the Pragmatic Programmers books and this one is no different. It covers the things that we’re thankful good managers already know and gives us something to throw at^Wto the bad ones. I’m most of the way through it and it’s a 7/10.

My Job Went to India.
Another PragProg book, this one’s interesting both because of the topic (I have my own Pragmatic Improvement plan so I’m already quite in to this) and because Chad Fowlers blog is a great read. The IT market is changing and this book seems to be one of the few out that helps you prepare for the “New World Order.”

The Art of Project Management.
An O’Reilly book that had me hooked on a brief flick through, it seems to cover a lot of valuable experience from the IT industry and how to avoid making a lot of the comment mistakes in projects.

Using Moodle.
This is both the odd one of the bunch and the weakest. It’s a guide to using moodle but it’s very focused on basic users. It walks you through using the different parts of the interface and doesn’t seem to really bring you anything that the docs don’t. Just with better editing. I’m half way through and I’ll put a review up when I’ve finished but for now have a careful look before you buy.

Now the real question is how many other books will I read in between finishing these?