The Ten Career Commandments - Short Review

The Ten Career Commandments isn’t my usual kind of book, I got stuck in a friends office waiting for him to finish up for the day and ended up reading it because it was the only thing on the desk, and they only had a 2Mb office ‘net connection - the barbarians ;)

The Ten Career Commandments is an easy read that will best serve people just starting out in the world of work. I found that it did prompt me to think about bits of my career wants but it’s so generic that it can’t really provide any useful push or insights. And if I knew what I wanted I wouldn’t be reading this kind of book. If you’re new to working it might help you know what the questions are though.

If you do want to read it I’d suggest reading it in an in-store coffee house, the book itself took me no more than 30 minutes to read and if I’d have paid full price then it’d get a much lower score. Score: 4/10