The Tao Of Motivation -- Quick Book Review

I’m currently doing two short evening courses, ten weeks each, and on the reading list for one of them is The Tao Of Motivation. This isn’t my usual type of book, while my reading list is pretty diverse I would typically only read a book like this for the humour value.

The book explores some of the basic principles of motivation including how to deliver praise, (very basic) NLP and visualisation. These are covered, in no great depth, against the backdrop of a man named Alex who is on the out of his company because he lacks motivational skills. While the coverage is very shallow it is quite broad and provides a number of interesting points to think about.

The other aspect of the book that obtained my attention is the number of small errors that crept into the last thirty or so pages. The first two thirds of the book are actually very tightly edited but the last section suffers from what I assume is simply a lack of reviewers; the errors are not exactly subtle and should have been caught.

How much did I get from this book? I guess I’ll know in a couple of months time when I’ve had a chance to work through its principles ‘in the field’.