Project Book Pages

I’ve been doing my usual quarterly sweep of the always too full bookshelves and hit the usual dilemma of what to keep, what to donate to charity and what to recycle. Among the technical books in this batch is the ‘Sendmail Cookbook’, something I’ve always kept as a good luck charm to ward off the evil of needing to work with mail servers with m4 based configuration languages.

Sendmail is one of those projects that I’ve not kept up with over the years. I have no idea how much has changed since the book was published over a decade ago, 2003 in this case, so I don’t know if this is a useful book to pass on or if it’s dangerously out of date and should be removed from circulation. It’d be handy if the larger projects maintained a page of books related to the project and a table of how relevant the material is in relation to different versions.

This would not only help me prune my shelves of older, now out of date books, but would help people new to a project pick books that were still relevant for the versions they need to learn.