Apache JMeter - Short Review

A short review for a short book. Apache JMeter (Packt Publishing) is a good book if you’re new to both IT and testing and want your hand securely held. It introduces you to the basic ideas behind automated testing, takes you step by step through some simple GUI test cases and then doesn’t go any further.

It’s a short book and maintains its beginners focus well but it has a very short lifespan (luckily it’s also available as a cheap PDF) and if you’re comfortable with GUIs and basic testing, or willing to click around for a while I’d recommend you dive straight in to the JMeter GUI rather than investing half a day to read this book.

On the downside it didn’t cover any of the aspects of JMeter I found interesting and wanted to learn about - the access log sampler and distributed load testing spring to mind - which in a beginners book is fine enough but does make it completely the wrong book for me.