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Delicious Link Checker --

Introduction is an amazing service that has become the preferred bookmark repository of the 'Net savvy. Unfortunately, while adding URLs is simple, checking that they are still accessible isn't quite as easy.

The Delicious Link Checker perl script is intended to help with this, with the correct credentials it will retrieve all of the users links and check them (with HEAD by default to save bandwidth), reporting if they are still accessible, or the error code (and slightly more helpful message) if not.

Anyone with minor Perl skills or previous exposure to the language can easily change the display routines to output in any desired format, CSV, XML etc.

Notes and optional configuration


The following items are the next ones on my list to implement.

This script is licensed under the GPL and you are free to do with it as you please.

The Delicious Link Checker perl script can be found here. The compressed archive (tgz) contains the script, a README, a CHANGELOG and a TODO list. Thank you for reading this page and I hope the software proves useful.
   -- Dean Wilson